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Fat Bomb Fries

Fries with twice the fat!
Prep Time 2 hrs
Cook Time 15 mins


  • Fry pot


  • 8 Oz Peeled potatoes cit into french fries
  • 1 pot Beef Suet, for frying
  • 1 pot Beef Suet, for cooling


  • Peel, then cut the potatoes. If you want to cut them ahead and fry them later, keep them submerged in water to prevent browning.
  • Heat up the beef suet for cooling, slowly. This should be warm, so that it's melted, but not hot to the touch. It's OK if it looks a little milky, the fries will add some heat and it will clear.
  • You can use an electric fry appliance in place of the pot if you have one. Otherwise, put the fry pot on high. When the oil is ready you'll see a whisp of smoke.
  • Add the fires to the hot oil slowly. The water will cause the suet to bubble and potentially erupt if you add them all at once. You do NOT want to clean up a suet eruption, trust me.
  • The oil temperature will drop and then slowly rise as the moisture is removed from the fries. When the fries start to brown, you may see some smoke as well as steam. It is time to dunk them.
  • Dunk the steaming hot fries into the warm suet used a slotted spoon or a "spider". They'll wick up the oil like a candle wick.
  • Drain the fries and allow them to cool. The longer they cool, the crispier they'll be. At this point you can refrigerate them for a week, probably longer.
  • Finish the fries by frying them a second time. Do them in small batches to keep the oil temp from dropping. You want them to finish at around 350 degrees, at which point you'll steam and a little smoke. The fries are done when they are golden brown and crsipy. Enjoy!