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The Original Articles

Since Introducing The Croissant Diet (TCD) was published in December of 2019, quite a few new resources have become available. If you haven’t read it yet, that article is the best place to start. The three original articles are:

Introducing The Croissant Diet
The Croissant Diet Specification
The Croissant Diet FAQ

TCD Redux

The Feasting Mimicking Diet
Feasting Mimicking Diet Trial Results
Emmy’s Story
Stearic Acid Macro-dosing and the Linoleic Acid Elimination Diet
Wine Fasting, TCD Redux Part 2

Follow Up Articles

Disastrous Trends In American Bacon
The What’s, Where’s and Why’s of Fat
Lowered Blood Glucose and the First Phase Insulin Response
Fat From The Previous Meal Sets the Metabolic Table
Grassfed Beef Suet is an Excellent Source of Stearic Acid

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This is the butteroil I used during TCD. It’s perfect for using in Bulletproof Coffee – just use the stearic acid butteroil in place of the ghee – or melting over a steak or pasta. It’s also a great base for cream sauces – just use it in place of the butter. And of course you can also use it to swap out the butter in pastries like croissants, brioche or all butter pie crusts with one caveat: butter is 20% water, so if you use the butteroil you can use a little less than you would of butter and you may have to add a splash of water to the recipe. To replace a stick of butter you’d need 91 grams of the oil – 1.5 tbsp shy of a half cup – and about 25 grams of water – 1.5 tablespoons.

If you like cooking and experimenting you can buy the straight 92% pure stearic acid powder. It has a very high melting point of around 160 F so if you melt this straight into your coffee you’ll end up with a mouth full of wax. The bag has the recipe to make the butteroil. Some people have used this straight to mix into smoothies, etc, but it may not be well digested that way. If you’re using it to fry or bake into something that will bind with the starches, you can use a higher proportion of stearic acid – up to 40% at least – without it turning to wax in your mouth.


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There is a discussion forum on the ideas presented in the Hyperlipid blog, The ROS Theory of Obesity and The Croissant Diet at r/SaturatedFat Fire In A Bottle has no official connection to this group, although I do swing by and see what’s happening and comment.


This is the main Fire In A Bottle facebook page.

There is also a group for sharing stories about how making changes in your diet based on the ideas presented in The Croissant Diet (TCD) has affected you, including changes in you weight, waistline, mood, satiation level, hormones or anything else you’ve noticed!

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Brad has an active twitter account at @fire_bottle, Heather maintains the Instagram fire_inabottle account and Brad maintains a Pinterest page of Croissant Diet approved recipes.