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Thank you for considering our products. We at Fire In A Bottle would love to keep producing great, informative content and doing innovative research to help us all keep learning. For that we need to make some income.

I know that many in the health research community are doing donation based research to avoid the appearance of being biased due to financial conflicts. However, Heather and I are natural entrepreneurs. It’s in our blood and we think we can help bring products to market that really help people. We are here to encourage an open and honest discussion. We will publish the bad along with the good.

In the meantime, we feel really good about the products we are offering! We hope they can help you!

Updated Shipping Policy

Due to high demand we are now shipping internationally! For domestic orders (lower 48 states) , shipping is free if the order is over $60. For everything else, buyer pays actual shipping. We are using EasyShip to give you guys the best and most affordable array of shipping options.

Stearic Acid Enhanced Butter Oil

This is the product I used while doing the first iteration of The Croissant Diet. I believe in butter! And it’s nutritional benefits. We have sourced a pastured, organic butteroil as the basis of this product, enhanced it with 90% pure food grade stearic acid and added a touch of organic MCT oil to get the mouthfeel just right. The product is shipping now!

We feel really good about the overall healthfulness of this product. Being a grass based product it should be relatively high in Omega 3 fats, relatively low in Omega 6 fats, and pack in a lot of Vitamins A and K2. Of course the added stearic acid should flip your mitochondria into fat burning mode and the MCT oil will help you make some ketones for mental clarity.

This product can be used in bulletproof coffee, you can melt it over a steak as a finishing sauce, in starches like buttered rice or mashed potatoes or it can be added to pastries like croissants, brioche or pie dough.

90% Pure, Food Grade Stearic Acid

By popular demand, we are now also offering 13 Oz bags of 90% pure stearic acid for the DIY crowd. Stearic acid is as hard as candle wax, so you have to blend it into softer fats so that you can absorb it. Ghee and coconut oil have been the most popular options for people to try. Personally I prefer the ghee due to vitamin and butyrate content.

Since releasing The Croissant Diet posts the most common question I’ve gotten is where can I buy a reasonable quantity of high purity, food grade stearic acid. Unfortunately the answer was nowhere! Until now. We have purchased a wholesale quantity of the highest purity stearic acid available and are having it repackaged in a convenient offering size. The high purity stuff isn’t cheap, but we think it’s worth it!

This product is shipping now!


If you’d like to support but don’t nessarily want to receive anything, donations are a very welcome form of support.

Bacon Without the Corn Oil!

Firebrand Meats Low-PUFA Pork CSA

Almost all american pork – conventional, organic, pastured or otherwise, is high in polyunsaturated fats. Firebrand Meats is the first American meat company specializing in making low-PUFA pork. It is a subscription based service that is shipping to all 48 continental states. It’s based on a CSA (community supported agriculture) model, which means we need a bunch of folks to sign up to get production started.

Signup is free, get a share today!