Early TCD Anecdotes – Satiation

I published Introducing The Croissant Diet (TCD) on December 3rd and it’s now the 14th so there hasn’t been a ton of time for people to experiment, but I’m getting a lot of feedback about how satiating the combination of starch and saturated fat is. That matches my experience on TCD. This could be due simply to the saturated fat and especially the stearic acid, but I’m starting to wonder if the starch has something to do with it.

But Also:

A friend sent me this:

I spoke with her later, she told me that she doesn’t typically consume flour but tried to stick to “protein and vegetables”. After reading my blog she got a bag of stearic acid, made the stearic acid butteroil (ghee), and made the frybread, as you can see from the thread. She said she can always eat. Always. But not the day she ate the frybread. She said she ate it in the morning and cruised right through til dinner without hunger. Even then she said she wasn’t really that hungry. “It was so weird”.

Oh, and she’s lost five pounds so far. So there’s that.

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