Sandra’s Story

I told the story of Sandra in Obesity as a Global Succinate Dehydrogenase Activity Deficit. I asked her to be a guinea pig and she was happy to share data. This is her story of her n=1 trial using Succin-ade for a month. The “supplements” she mentions and vitamin D3 and K2 plus the polyphenols …

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David’s Story

This is a pretty great testimonial to the potential of The Croissant Diet. David really took this principle seriously, eating croissants with butter and cheese, cheseburgers and Haagen-Das. He did a great job of collecting data during his journey, including before and after photos. Some days he consumed close to 5000 calories! Detailed reports of …

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Lori’s Story

Lori reached out to me wanting to share her story. She initially sent me this email: First of all, thank you!I’ve been doing TCD since your first post.I’m a 63 year old female who is kind of dietary lazy.I didn’t count macros or calories or anything else. For about a year, I had one rule.No …

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Kirsten’s TCD Post

Kirsten Mortenson, a novelist, posted a nice writeup of her experience with TCD after almost a year. Here’s a preview. Read the full post at kirstenmortensen.com. She also has some pretty good looking novels for sale!

Katie’s Story

Katie is doing a textbook version of TCD. I love her story, it’s honest and real. She also shares in the joy of realization that if you choose the right fats, food becomes something to be enjoyed again! Here is her story, verbatim as she sent it to me. I’m Katie, a 6 foot tall, …

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James’ Story

James posted his success with TCD on Reddit. I reached out to see if he wanted to share and he obliged. James is doing TCD to the tee: using starches to absorb highly saturated fats. He has experienced many of the same benefits I originally described in Introducing The Croissant Diet: increased satiation, increased energy, …

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