Announcing Fire In A Bottle, The Podcast!

That’s right, Brad has a podcast now. In the first episode he tells the story of the squirrel and the acorn, what makes acorns so uniquely fattening and how Native Americans knew to avoid acorn oil! And it’s funny!

Available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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5 thoughts on “Announcing Fire In A Bottle, The Podcast!”

  1. Will you discuss ‘how not to get fat in the first place? As it seems to be the road to no return. Are we doomed Brad?

    1. Well, that’s easy if you’re metabolically healthy, just avoid PUFA and probably also avoid too much MUFA. Perhaps avoid fructose depending on how sensitive you are to SCD1 up-regulation.

      We’re not doomed, check back in, I’m writing the story that explains the antidote to all of this. Preview: it’s AMPK.

  2. How do we avoid environmentally accumulating toxins like dioxin when eating significant amounts of meat, almost all grilled outdoors? If we are lipivores that’s a problem!

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