Announcing Firebrand Meats Low PUFA Pork CSA

We are pleased to announce the formation of Firebrand Meats! This is a brand new meat company based on the concepts discussed on this blog in articles such as The ROS Theory of Obesity and Disastrous Trends In American Bacon.

The first offering from Firebrand Meats is a Low PUFA Pork CSA share. This is a very exciting project. We have sourced the best, old fashioned, “unimproved” heritage Berkshire hog genetics – the top bloodline of hogs that produce the famous Japanese Kurobuta or “black pork”. We are using the waste products from the production of pea protein – used in meat substitute products – to make a feed that is as low in polyunsaturated fat as can plausibly be produced. The hogs will be raised on pasture at the The Piggery Farm in Trumansburg. Brad will personally oversee the meat processing to ensure that the final products are delicious and attractively packaged. The meat will ship to the lower 48 states.

We are confident that this will be not only the healthiest, but also the best tasting pork you will ever eat.

The best pork imaginable.

5 thoughts on “Announcing Firebrand Meats Low PUFA Pork CSA”

    1. We are still finalizing the details. The deposit was an attempt to guage the level of real interest. At this point I am encouraged by the level of interest shown. I expect to finalize details this week and have final pricing up soon, including better shipping options to the West Coast.

  1. Daniel Doelger

    Hey Brad!
    Sort of an unrelated comment here but I heard you on mark Bell’s podcast today and I’m intrigued by your findings. I’ve been on a carnivorous diet for about 6 months and the results have been great. I’m wondering if you have any thoughts on very high processed fat (i.e. Fire in a Bottle) consumption with regard to LPS and endotoxemia (translocation of gram negative bacteria via chylomicrons)? Is this something you’ve encountered or feel could be an issue in individuals with compromised gut barrier function? Thanks!

    1. Hey Dan!

      Honestly, that’s a little far out of my wheelhouse. I’m aware that these are concerns and obviously using a purified fat with wheat flour could be a problem for some. I think that no matter what your preferred eating style is, though: croissants, carnivore, vegan, keto – it’s also important to think about the ratios of saturated to unsaturated fat.


      1. Daniel Doelger

        Excellent! Thanks for the reply—I’ve gone from 30% body fat down to about 12% (6 months carnivore). I’ve seemed to have plateaued, however, and am thinking of reintroducing starch (in the form of white rice) with added sat fat. I’ve ordered some of the stearin acid you offer and will play around with rice/ground beef + stearic acid. Also, I eat a fair amount of bacon—even though I try to source better quality, I’m sure it’s still loaded with PUFA. I did sign up for a share of the upcoming Firebrand pork which will hopefully even out my overall ratios. Thanks again for all the great info!

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