10 thoughts on “Brad Talking SCD1 Theory of Obesity with Raphael Sirtoli”

  1. Thank you Brad! Great information. I just received a shipment of Grass Fed Wagyu suet. I know Wagyu typically has issues due to being grain fed and having lots of MUFA. Would you be concerned with this Grass Fed Wagyu suet? Looking to make tallow and incorporate into my diet.


    1. I suspect that Wagyu is very high in MUFA – presumably the reason for the high marbling is upregulated muscle SCD1 in the cattle.

      My thoughts on dietary MUFA are summarized here. In short, it’s probably fine.

  2. How would vegans counter the effect of all this soy and other sources of LA by increasing stearic acid in cocoa butter?

    Great interview. Would have appreciated more explanation how inflammatory markers go up wit SA supplementation.

    1. I would advise vegans to stick with coconut oil/cocoa butter. Perhaps Macadamia Nut Oil if it’s not adulterated.

  3. [Commenting on an post on a different topic, post I had hoped to comment on is over a year old and closed for comments, apologies in advance!!]

    Hi Brad/all – I’ve been looking at the table of fats in Introducing The Croissant Diet and The Croissant Diet Specification that shows the LCSFA/UFA Ratio and the % Stearic Acid, and I’m wondering if anyone has built it out any further. Specifically looking at fish (sardines, cod, salmon) and bison.

    Is there a site that people have found this info that I could calculate from?

    Many thanks, and fascinating stuff!

    1. There is a reddit discussion forum that has a lot of info along these lines:

      Fish doesn’t have a lot of saturated fat but the EPA and DHA will inhibit SCD1, so that might be a win. Bison I suspect is similar to beef in most ways but grassfed is going to be higher stearic/lower PUFA than grainfed and kidney fat (suet) is the best!

  4. Hi Brad, you mention that you lost weight at the beginning using stearic acid, do you still use it?
    Another question: the body makes saturated fat from Starches, and saturated fat from dietary monounsaturated fats, but the ideal composition is 50:50 and a little polyunsaturated. Can the body make monounsaturated fat if we eat mainly saturated fat?
    Thank you, Iā€™m a big follower of your work.

    1. I am doing a lot of self-experimenting so I go on stearic acid for awhile and then I might go off for a few months to see what happens…

      Most recently I am trying to lose weight so I am using it again.

      In terms of ideal stored bodyfat percentages check out my starch eaters post.


  5. I stumbled on your blog a few months ago and became fascinated by it all. I have read all the articles and many of the linked research papers as well. I started TCD a few months ago and at first went crazy with, croissants, butter, ground beef, Cocoa butter in my coffee and even Haagen Dazs. I keep up with everything in Cronometer, and to my surprise I dropped from size 36 pants to size 31 in roughly the first 3 weeks. I work out 3x a week, pretty much always have, and I am much leaner now. My bodyfat according to my fit scale is 16.4 % down from 21 % when I started. I have tracked my blood sugar 2 hours after meals, and fasted in the morning all values are low. The highest blood sugar reading 2 hours post meal was 104! Fasted its usually in the mid 70’s. I have even tracked my blood pressure and it averages 118/78! Anyway hats off to you Brad, love the work and I cant wait for the next article.

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