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  1. Couple of questions. I’ve been doing a quasi carnivore OMAD eating chicken thighs or steaks and hamburgers with broccoli. I drink a couple drinks of whisky every night. I’m losing nothing. I ran across a twitter thread about your croissant diet. I really don’t want to hassle with stearic acid. I’m lazy. I see a lot of anecdotal evidence of French culture who ate a lot of foods with much butter and drank wines. Did they have stearic acid in their food? Should I continue doing OMAD with high protein and low fat low carb or just eat a lot of Whole Foods with butter all over it. I’m confused.

    1. All foods with fat contain stearic acid, it’s just a matter of ratios. Butter, beef and pork are relatively high sources of stearic acid and chocolate is an excellent source, so the French diet would have had plenty of SA.

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