4 thoughts on “New Video: Reductive Stress Causes Oxidative Stress”

  1. What about supplemental vitamin C or ascorbic acid added to food?
    Is this a problem from the ROS perspective?
    Whats your opinion?

    1. I think that a little Vit C probably doesn’t hurt anything. In fact, Vit C and Vitamin E are recharged using NADPH, just like glutathione. So they shouldn’t effect NADH/NAD+ ratio, although they may interfere with ROS as a signalling molecule.

  2. Hi Brad,

    Can I get your opinion on Sterculia Oil when on a high carb diet?? I obviously love the fact that it suppresses SCD1 but I am concerned about the effect of it on Insulin levels while trying to fix a broken metabolism. Would it be wise for me to put using this on hold and concentrate on the pyruvate / carnitine combo???

    1. Hi Lee!

      I’m personally a fan of the idea of sterculia oil on a high carb diet… That way you’re not consuming unsaturated fats and you’re not making the carbs into a bunch of MUFA. Having said that, the purpose of pyruvate/carnitine is ALSO to decrease DNL enzymes and therefore SCD1, which is specifically driven forward by high NADH levels. In theory, they should all be complementary.


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