I’ve had a busy summer of recording podcasts! There are hours of me blathering on now 😉 I’ll list them here starting with the most recent.

The Paleo Canteen Podcast. This is a great one, we really step through the science of The ROS Theory right from the beginning to the end.

Shawn Baker’s MeatRx. Shawn lets me get on my soapbox towards the end and talk about the lack of appropriate scale slaughter capacity in the US – a crticial issue we need to confront if we truly want better meat.

My “Carnivore” Success Story on MeatRx. This was a really fun one, kind of a different angle from the others. This was supposed to be a 20 minute short convo but we were having so much fun it went on over an hour. Is this the longest Carnivore Success Story ever?! I’m not actually sure.

Paul Saladino’s Fundamental Health Podcast. Paul’s high energy enthusiasm is on full display here. There’s a great reaction from Paul when I mention wine fasting.

Peter Of Hyperlipid Fame on The Fundamental Health Podcast. OK, well this isn’t actually me, but if you’re a reader of my blog you’ll know that I’m heavily influenced by Peter and I get some nice shout outs from Paul during this episode.

Mark Bell’s Power Project. This one is great because it’s a weight lifting show. They ask me if TCD can help you get ripped and I basically say I don’t know anything about that.

This Podcast Burns Fat with Omar Cumberbatch and Lori Shemek. Hard to believe this came out way back in April, I’m pretty sure this was recorded pre-lockdown, really fun show!

Biohackers Lab. This was my world podcast debut!

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