Kirsten’s TCD Post

Kirsten Mortenson, a novelist, posted a nice writeup of her experience with TCD after almost a year. Here’s a preview.

So I made the switch. Quit those oils entirely for several months. Cut way back on bacon (I know ā€” eep). Cut back on chicken and pork, and when I did serve them, Iā€™d cook them in generous amounts of butter or beef tallow.Ā 

And guys, something started going right with all this. I am down several pounds from my peak 2019 weight, and I seem to be stabilized. Iā€™m not struggling to keep it off.

Read the full post at She also has some pretty good looking novels for sale!

5 thoughts on “Kirsten’s TCD Post”

  1. Good idea re: Finn Crisps. I use to use Wasa Bread myself…right in the supermarket. Butter on the Lite Rye is really nice, but easy to over consume!

  2. coming from Finland, I agree with firebird. rye fares better if you are interest in glucose or insulin response. the vehicle ie crisp bread is very lightweight. as a matter of taste, the Finns and Swedes get used to it and long for it (sourdough variation even more so) . I would not expect that from other people not getting accustomed to it at young age, but there is more than wheat…

  3. Rye Cruskits in Australia are the go. You can get normal (wheat) Cruskits too. But Rye has the same minimal ingredients that make it easy to justify.

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