Save Thirty Bucks on Low-PUFA Pork! Pork without seed oils.

Over at Firebrand Meats I sell heirloom berkshire pork that has been raised on a diet that is low in PUFA. Animals cannot make polyunsaturated fat, so if you limit what’s in their diet, you can lower the amount that is in the meat. I summarized the problems with PUFA in pork and poultry in my essay Disastrous Trends In American Bacon.

I’m offering 30 bucks off on the 30 pound Freezer Filler box until December 1st. Just use the promo code “thirty” at checkout.

In a recent test (August 2021), I sent some rendered Firebrand Meats pork fat and some from a pakage of Smithfield Bacon I bought at a local supermarket. You can see that the Firebrand pork has less than half the linoleic acid and quite a bit more stearic acid! If you follow this blog, you’ll know that changing the fat composition of your diet can have very real health consequences! Consider the effect that increasing PUFA has on D6D activity, which indicates massively increased diabetes risk.

Mighty Fine Pork!

Berkshire is an old-fashioned British breed of pig known for it’s color, tenderness and marbling. It is the famed Japanese Kurobuta or “black pork”. These are a couple pork chops from my last box. I think the quality speaks for itself.

You can find cheaper pork, but you won’t find better tasting, more healthful pork anywhere other than Firebrand Meats.

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  1. Brad, I cannot find any clear information on popcorn, I know corn has linoleic acid but does dry aired poppcorn have it as well, if it does is it the same amount? Or is the linoleic acid in the “shell” of the seed only on corn and the “white” popcorn does not have linoleic acid? Cheers, John S

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