The 1000 foods highest and lowest in linoleic acid (And folate and B12)

Food Reference Lists:

Linoleic Acid. Highest and lowest foods, percent of calories.

Folate. Highest foods per calorie.

Vitamin B12. Highest foods per calorie.

Vitamin B6. Highest foods per calorie.

So I’m having fun making these food reference lists. All of the data is from the USDA food data central, but sometimes when you slice the data differently, you find surprises.

I was surprised to see that cream of mushroom soup had almost 30% of it’s calories from linoleic acid, so I looked up the ingredient statement. Makes sense:

I wasn’t surprised, but seeing that the food, “Pork sausage, link/patty, fully cooked, microwaved” had 14.6% of its calories from linoleic acid reconfirmed my suspicion that much of the US pork supply is much higher than PUFA than people suspect. This suggests the pork fat in that product is ~17% PUFA. Lard (pig fat) is only reported as 10.2%. That’s a pretty significant difference.