Wapato: The human history of starchy tubers

I made this video to push back on the idea that starchy tubers are “fallback foods” for humans. I would argue that the evidence that we have suggests that starchy tubers have been fundamental to human development. I’d also argue that we should rethink paleolithic peoples role in the environment. There is significant evidence that they were active participants in remodeling plant communities to their liking rather than passive gatherers. I’d argue that for much of prehistory humans have been hunter-hoticulturists.

Enjoy the video! I poke some good-natured fun at Mark Sisson’s argument that tubers are fallback foods. I mostly pick on him because he has a concise written summary of the fallback hypothesis that does well on google.

2 thoughts on “Wapato: The human history of starchy tubers”

  1. Brad, this is irrelevant to this article but I started going pufa free ( butter and chocolate, no seed oils, not chicken/pork, etc) and really kept pufa low as possible for the past week however the hunger is insatiable. I am doing 100 grams of protein a day and 100 grams of fat and keeping carbs under 150. I am also not gaining despite all the extra calories. What gives? Is hunger common in the beginning?Ive only heard how “full” everyone felt after they start this.

    1. IIRC, The Croissant Diet’s basic number rules are 1) no concentrated PUFAs, especially linoleic acid (check) 2) more saturated fat grams than unsaturated (probably check) 3) more fat grams than carb grams.

      I think that this last is probably your main issue. When my carb grams go higher than my fat grams, I get hungry and gain weight. I myself tend to track foods in terms of (fat balance, carb balance): the first number is half of (saturated fat – unsaturated fat), negative is bad and how many grams of unsaturated fat I need to ‘catch up’ on; the second is total fat – carbs. Then if I’m still hungry at the end of the day, I have enough cocoa butter or something to get both numbers positive. I don’t think I get to 100g of fat, but that’s not how I’ve been tracking.

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