David Tillman Shares His Amazing Croissant Diet Story

David has been featured on the blog before under the testimonial David’s Story. He’s lost 40 lbs on a strict version of The Croissant Diet in 7 months while eating 5 pints of Haagen-Dazs per week, as well as croissant sandwiches and cheeseburgers. David had tried keto and vegan diets in the past with less success. For him The Croissant Diet did the trick. He has introduced several others to the diet, also with excellent results.

He has released two videos on his YouTube channel talking about his experience. The first video is his story and his general impression about the diet.

The second video is called “What I Eat In A Day” and is pretty much what it sounds like.

The video is well done, David understands the concepts and explains them well. Check it out! Subscribe to his channel, it sounds like he’s got more content coming out soon!

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    1. Would love to see your wife participate and document her progress. It’s interesting to see the different ways the bodies react by sex. Hope to see more updates! I I I am about to dive in. I really hope it works for me! I have been having a tough time since I just got on this side if 50.

      1. Lani,

        I would love it too. She kind of is doing it by accident. Only because we changed the way we cook, removing vegetable oils. She has definitely slimmed in the past few months but she was already small. She has her own Youtube channel about cleaning, organizing, and Mom life. She has a lot on her plate too with her own channel. I will ask her and share anything noteworthy. I doubt I could get her to fully do it lol. She has watched me be Keto, Vegan, etc. and put up with it all.


  1. Interesting. Not to come off as negative in any way, but I think it’s important to look at this information through a critical eye. My first thoughts are is this person on TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) or anything similar? Again this isn’t to attack anyone. I just think when sharing this type of information and results with people it’s important to be very open and honest about everything that is going on behind the scenes. Being 213 lbs in your 50’s with a 6 pack and ab veins is a bit suspicious to me even if you are eating a healthy diet. I have seen other results similar to this from people who are on TRT which is why I bring it up. I apologize in advance if I have offended anyone and I appreciate Dave and you for sharing this information. Have a good day.

    1. I thought the same thing. A little Chemical Romance? Maybe some fat loss peptides. A competitive bodybuilder from 30 years ago would know what to use.

    2. Anon,

      Believe me I understand your thoughts. I didn’t see abs until I got under 16% low 220’s (this is what my scale said I was) I believe I was more likely 14%. The veins didn’t really show up until I got under 15% on my scale, I was likely closer to 13%, also I really only see them when I have been working out or working in the yard. Thank you for the compliment, definitely not offended.


      1. David, thanks for sharing your amazing story. The results definitely show! To Anon’s question, can you verify if there was any TRT (or similar) usage alongside the Croissant Diet? Again, no judgement and just trying to gather a complete picture.

      2. Hi David,

        Thanks for the reply and I am glad to hear you are not offended. I know this can be a sensitive topic for some people and I will respect your privacy if you wish to not reply, but it’s still not clear to me if you are on TRT or taking anything of a similar nature? Again, thank you for taking the time to share your journey and results with us and please ignore this question if you feel it’s too personal.

      3. I just want to get rid of lingering belly fat (not get “ripped”), so the answer to the TRT question is not going to stop me from following this diet or change my reason for doing it all, but I’d really like to know the answer to whether TRT was being taken. Honestly, half of my reason to ask is that it keeps not getting answered. LOL
        It’ a little reminiscent of those Congressional hearings where the responded is on record and fills up the answer with things like “Thank you for your question Senator…” so the clock runs out. 😀

  2. David, great video and thanks for sharing your story. Just to confirm Anon’s comment, can you confirm/deny any TRT (or similar) usage to supplement your Croissant Diet? Again, no judgement just trying to get the full story.

  3. That is AMAZING David! So glad to hear you are achieving great results. I’m staying tuned…

  4. Yes.. David I am also interested if you take Testosterone injections.. etc.

    Can you show your Blood work.. Triglycerides, LDL, HDL, A1C, Insulin level and have you had your Coronary Artery Calcium Score (CAC) done.. might be a good idea. what way of eating (woe) did you follow prior to this woe…??? Carnivore or mainly Keto ? We would love to know more?

    Also .. energy brain, physical energy … Strong ?
    Cravings between meals??
    Did you incorporate Intermittent Fasting or Time Restricted eating?? (meaning did you stick w/ 3 meals daily? Any 2 Meal a Day ?

    Lot of info here.. pleas give us feedback and then followup w/ your YouTube on this..Your story is interesting.. 😊😁

    1. I will be covering most of this in a video in the near future. I have not had A1C or CAC, I plan to get blood work done in a few months.

      Energy level is very high, mental too. Strength I’ve lost about 10% off of my major compound lifts, Squat, Bench etc. I’ve also lost 45 pound to date and my scale says 12 lbs of that was muscle. I don’t really care about being big, or super strong. I just want to get to where I’m healthiest from this WOE.

      I was vegan for all of 2019, without much to show for it, To be fair It wasn’t just whole food though I did enjoy the Vegan junk like beyond burger, and brats etc. Loaded with PUFA’s. At the beginning of 2020 I went back to eating a more normal diet for me, wasn’t following a particular WOE, but it was closer to the zone diet if I wanted to point to something. Again at this point I didn’t know to eliminate PUFA’s.

      Once on TCD I did do IF on the weekends the majority of the time. On Fri night I’d stop eating around 7:00 pm, then Sat would wake up and have black coffee, or Pu Erh tea. sometimes with heavy cream but most days not. At 4:00 PM I would eat least a 1 lb Ribeye, and large baked potato with butter, cheese, sour cream, roughly 3-3.5 hour later I’d have a pint of Haagen Dazs. Most Sundays I repeated this, roughly 20 hours fasted mostly 1 day and frequently 2 days a week.

      My Best Friend Rob who started doing this has lost over 40 lbs., he didn’t do the fasting so I can say not lol. He also rarely has the Haagen Dazs so from my perspective its not needed, just something I did.

      No cravings between meals. This diet makes you me really feel full and often I have to remind myself to eat. Maybe I should just listen to my body and not eat but I am definitely satiated.

      Ill cover much of this in greater detail in up coming video’s.

  5. Hi Brad, I love the blog and buy the products, but your customer service is very bad…nonexistent.

    I have written a couple emails to the orders email address. I never get a answer. As far as I can see, there is no other way to contact FIAB.

    Maybe I am missing something?

      1. I just wanted to update my earlier post. Customer service has since responded and dealt with the issue in a most satisfactory way. Thanks!

  6. A few days ago I started eating only the following based off of David’s information: Black coffee, Kerry gold butter, boneless skinless chicken breasts, potatoes, 93/7 ground beef, salt, heavy cream, Hagen Das Chocolate Ice Cream.

    For the last 2 days I have been satisfied on 1 meal a day which totals out to less than 1800 calories. I am simply not hungry. This is actually kind of crazy and I honestly didn’t think this would work but it is.

    I boil the potatoes in water and mash them up with 1 stick of butter. The meat is trimmed of all fat and cooked separately. For the chicken I just cut away any excess fat, and the ground beef is boiled, drained, and rinsed to remove almost all fat. I don’t trust what the animals are fed but I do trust the Kerry gold butter is grass fed as stated so I try to ensure almost all of the fat I am eating comes from that.

    From my limited understanding of how this works essentially saturated fat makes your cells insulin resistant which leads to high levels of triglycerides in your bloodstream for extended periods of time which your hypothalamus senses which in return turns off hunger. Regardless of the exact mechanism this is working for me and I am very pleased.

    Thank you Brad and David for sharing this information.

    1. I think you may be very pleased with the results, I know I am. One suggestion you might try is grass fed 80/20 or 85/15 ground beef if you can find a source you trust. But what you are doing sounds very much in keeping with The Croissant Diet as originally proposed. Very interested to hear your results after a few months.

  7. Well, big thanks to you both David and Brad.
    I’ve been reading through Brad’s page for couple months. I have the main products from this site in hand, but my croissant diet was poorly executed. I’m going to become a warrior against PUFAs!
    Sad thing is we are pig grower family. But I suffer from metabolic syndrom and obesity, mid section fat accumulation mainly.
    I’m jumping in David’s way big time.
    Plus I have my OmegaQuant full scan done, I am equal to Brad’s Nov 2020 figures, ie. bad.
    I can’t how tasty this “diet” seems like. Haggen Däz part just blew my mind. I’ve done fasting for months now and plateau’d since January @ ca.280lbs. I’m 50 y.o.
    My HbA1c is 0.049 and I am a long time low carb eater. But that PUFA thing makes me frustrated.
    I’m going to my local highland cattle farm this week-end whom I know finishes is beef on hay bales and pastures and will load my freezer!!!
    Let’s see if I can light my fire and burn off some of my own stored pufa!

    1. Awesome! I wish you all the best. I just want to say there are enormous health benefits from getting rid of the PUFA’s, and eating healthy saturated fats. That said I’m not saying all the things I ate are healthy or that this is the healthiest way to eat. My buddy Rob who has lost close to 45 lbs in 6 months doesn’t or rarely eats the Haagen Dazs. He does eat 2 healthy pastured eggs on his croissant sandwich even though I only ate 2-3 a week. My response to ice cream may be different than yours so please be cautious. I do wish you all the best. This way of eating has been a game changer for me and I hope it will be for you. Enjoy your grass fed beef and get some grass fed butter too!

      1. Hi David,
        I take good note of all your points.
        I have identified many eating habits and products that need to be ditched. Peanut butter being main one, almost all nuts, mayo and the seed oils. I used to think canola oil was super healthy food. Just last year I visited the Agriculture Canada research farm in Ottawa, you should see the size of the canola hall!
        So now I am ready to copy your menus, and I must says it feels strange to eat that much (remember I am trying intermittent/extended fasting for 10 months now).
        The Haagen Dazs, no way I can eat a pint/day. Took me 3 days to eat one pint.
        I’m impressed by how critical I am becoming about my food choices.
        I was unable to source unsweetened cranberry juice locally, had to drive next town.
        And finally, I am glad I have my full lipid panel test done by OmegaQuantbthat way i can assess my progress. I will update my progress in couple months.

        1. Just remember all my choices aren’t magic or necessarily the best. They are just what I did and they worked for me. Be creative and make it your own. I like that you are ditching the vegetable oils. Best of luck to you!

        2. I highly recommend the Perfect Health Diet as a framework to practice FIAB within. They are closely aligned, but PHD covers more ground with regards to constructing an overall diet within an evolutionary framework, and a lot of attention is paid to circadian rhythms and other factors.

  8. A quick note re leaving the skin on the potatoes:
    Most conventionally grown potatoes are sprayed with a herbicide after harvest to prevent sprouting. Many may also be treated to prevent them getting moldy during storage. You will be eating that if you leave the skin on. Here in Europe health authorities advise against eating the skin of conventionally grown potato skins for this very reason. If you want to leave the skin on then organically grown will be a better choice. For any veg you eat a lot of organic seems to be the better choice these days.

    1. Valid points! I do buy organic potatoes most of the time, but not always. Thank you for this info.

  9. I tried the morning smoothie of OJ+cranberry+spiniach+stearic acid.
    Surprisingly good, and thanks for the tip about freezing, works like magic.
    My suggestion: Add one leaf of fresh mint to the 3on of spinach before you freeze them, and just crush everything together. It really gives that mix a new fresh smell and flavor, just wow!

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