David’s Story

This is a pretty great testimonial to the potential of The Croissant Diet. David really took this principle seriously, eating croissants with butter and cheese, cheseburgers and Haagen-Das. He did a great job of collecting data during his journey, including before and after photos. Some days he consumed close to 5000 calories! Detailed reports of exact foods, fat and calories eaten and even a graphing scale of his weight loss journey (Since Christmas) plus blood pressure readings. We exchanged several emails and I’m including his responses.

This is part of his response, I wanted to highlight it so it doesn’t get buried:

My target for saturated fat is 87 grams. Total fat roughly 150, with less than 10 grams of Polyunsaturated fat a day. I usually end up around 7-9 grams PUFA a day. I get a couple grams from 2 fish oil caps I take, and a little from all the other sources of my food, if I eat eggs I’ll hit my max of 10 grams of PUFA. 

So he is maximizing saturated fat while keeping PUFA to less than ten grams a day. The fish oil supplements, which help to suppress SCD1, are counted as PART OF the 10 grams. David is also now using Pu’erh Tea to help keep SCD1 in check.


I want to offer you a sincere thank you for the Coissant Diet (TCD) and the mechanisms behind it that you’ve explained so well. My name is David and I’m a 53 years old fitness and nutrition enthusiast. I stumbled onto your site almost 6 months ago while I was researching something diet related, can’t remember what. Brad I can’t begin to tell you how really glad I am that I found fireinabottle.net. First I read TCD and this got me really intrigued by the concept and the mechanisms, I was so interested at this point that I then basically read all your other articles and posts over the next couple weeks. I even watched probably all of your YouTube interviews as well. The research you’ve done is really thorough and impressive, and the way you explain it all makes so much sense.

My journey with TCD began about 5 months ago, when I was at point in my life where I had slowly crept up in weight and I was really ready to make a change. After finding TCD I decided to dive in head first and give it a shot. I started initially by eliminating all (as much as possible) Polyunsaturated Fatty acids (PUFA) from my diet and purposely eating a lot more saturated fat.

This way of eating was a great change, I mean what’s wrong with croissants with butter, and cheese, or cheese burgers? I began researching and seeking out foods that had more saturated fat, particularly stearic acid, and paying close attention to labels looking out for PUFA. I started recording everything I ate in the Cronometer app which I saw that you use, great app btw. For me the first 3 weeks It was crazy how fast my waist was shrinking and fat was melting off. I was eating considerably more calories than usual. I was loving the food I was eating, and was loosing roughly a pound a day for the first couple weeks. This was a fantastic start and eventually led to me having to buy new pants because all the pants I’ve worn for the past many years are just to big in the waist!

Just to give you a brief background, I’m an engineer in the computer field. I’m married and have 3 children. I have always been involved in fitness. Over 20+ years ago I was a personal trainer. Now though with a desk job, even going to the gym 3x a week, wasn’t keeping the weight off. I had just basically slowly climbed up in weight over the years. I feel like I know how to eat to get in shape, or at least I used too. Unfortunately the strategies I’ve used with success in the past even when I applied them in recent years gave me minimal and disappointing results. I suspect I had slowly become metabolically compromised by years of PUFA consumption.

Enter TCD!!! This has been a game changer for me. I was doing so well the first couple weeks I had to tell a buddy about it, as he was wanting to lose some weight and asked me what I was doing. I turned him on to TCD, and he has lost even more weight than I have.  Since then I have a couple more friends I’ve been helping with getting started.

Something to note, when I first started I was concerned about eating so much saturated fat. I started checking my blood pressure regularly only to see my numbers which were good get better. My blood pressure this morning was 119/68 not bad for 53. I also started checking blood glucose and my fasted blood sugar is almost always in the low 70’s, now and 2 hours post meal rarely above 100 usually in the high 80’s. So I can say that after many months on a high saturated fat diet, my BP and blood glucose are at a very healthy state.

I will say it’s worth noting that I lost the most weight in the first 5-6 weeks. It was almost as if a fat burning switch had been flipped (haha, yes I know, one was). I can say that on many occasions that first month I ate well above maintenance calories, many times near double, yet I continued to drop weight and inches. I know some people will roll their eyes at this, law of thermodynamics or something. There really is something to this metabolic switch that is triggered by saturated fat.

While I don’t know this for sure, my guess is at some point I became adapted to my new way of eating and had to reign in the calories a bit. No big deal, a high saturated fat diet really is satiating. I am continuing  to loose weight now but at a more modest pace after 5 months on TCD. My body fat percentage has dropped considerably since I started as well. Currently I am at just under 16%. My goal is to get it down to 12-13%.

I’m including a before and after picture, just so people can see this is for real. I don’t have a 6 pack yet, but I don’t think I’m too far from it.

Anyway I’ve probably said too much at this point. Just wanted to thank you again for this incredible diet, and the great articles. I particularly enjoy the food history posts, I find them really interesting.

Wishing you all the best!


Before TCD.

After TCD!

He was really having fun with this! 4875 calories during a weight loss journey.

And 3967 the next day! This was during the period of most rapid weight loss.

Weight loss continuing.

Not bad for 53!

I’ve gotten into a routine that works for me. M-F I normally eat the same breakfast and lunch that I really enjoy. 
I meal prep croissant sandwiches, ground beef, and a big batch of mashed potatoes on Sunday.

Daily breakfast:1 cup of bone broth, mainly for gut lining, and gut health. I heat this in the microwave for about a minute 
I eat a (Wallmart brand) all butter croissant, with 2 slices of Swiss cheese, 2 oz roast beef, and a ranch spread I make from sour cream, ranch seasoning, and heavy whipping cream.

I make a baby spinach smoothie, with 2-3 oz of frozen fresh baby spinach, 3 oz of orange juice, 2 oz of unsweetened not from concentrate cranberry juice. I add 1.5 tbsp metabolic flexibility oil to this. This gives me 100% of Vit K, 100% Vit A, and a good dose of potassium and most of my iodine(from cranberry’s) with the stearic acid of course. 

My lunch normally consists of: 1/3 lb ground beef lots of b vitamins and potassium, of course protein and fat. 
a large baked potato (mashed) with 1 tbsp butter and 1 tbsp steric acid enhanced butter oil. 2 tbsp cream cheese. 1/2 tsp pink Himalayan salt and pepper. The potato gives me chromium, Vit c, another good dose of potassium and of course all the glorious saturated fat. 

Another spinach smoothie. (I make double for breakfast and save half for lunch.)

Dinner varies and is usually some protein mainly beef, sometimes chicken breasts, and a starch, potato, sweet potato, or white rice. Always with butter and usually stearic acid butter oil

At night I eat Haagen Daz ice cream a few nights a week. I make a really good cheesecake sweetened with erythritol. I have this on nights I’m not having Haagen Daz. You have to read the labels on Haagen Daz, some flavors have veg oil. I stick with chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and rum raisin, these all are without added PUFA. 

I recently started sipping on iced Pu-erh tea during the day. I really like the faint forest floor taste. 
On the weekends I usually fast until dinner at least one of the days sometimes both. Then I eat a prime steak a little over a pound, with butter, and usually mashed potatoes with more butter and cream cheese, then I’ll have a pint of Haagen Daz before bed. I sometimes drink a 30 gram whey protein shake. 

Or I’ll have a cheeseburger with a buttered bun, fries cooked in beef talo. I generally throw an egg in with this. Later I’ll have Haagen Daz or cheesecake. 

A favorite dinner my wife cooks me usually once a week is Loco Moco, basically 2 ground beef patties, a couple over medium eggs, on top of rice, with a mushroom gravy made with the beef fat, heavy cream, mushrooms and onions, and a pinch or two of flour. 

This is where I wound up after many months of this and losing over 34 lbs. Now I’m normally at 2800-3200 calories, some days I only hit 2400 maybe once or twice a week. My Diets calories are roughly 25% protein, 25% carbs and 50% fat. 

My target for saturated fat is 87 grams. Total fat roughly 150, with less than 10 grams of Polyunsaturated fat a day. I usually end up around 7-9 grams PUFA a day. I get a couple grams from 2 fish oil caps I take, and a little from all the other sources of my food, if I eat eggs I’ll hit my max of 10 grams of PUFA. 

I work out 3x a week with weights, for around 45 min. 

Very little cardio to speak of. I do take a 10 min walk once a day at some point most days. I’d like to do this more but just haven’t had the time. 

Supplements I take:


5000 iu Vit D daily; Vit K-2 daily; Coq10 daily; 100 iu Vit E daily. 

2 1250 mg fish oil

Eve:2 aged garlic; Ashwaganda Magnesium Theionate 

I usually hit 100% for all the rest of my Vit and minerals from the food I eat. 

Yes BP has gone from above 120 sometimes low 130’s /high 80’s. 

Now I’m usually always below 120 top number and below 80 low number. 

A 3 weeks ago I had a mild cold over 5 days and it was hit 140’s/90 for a couple days, kind of freaked me out but as soon as the cold was gone BP was back down. FYI It wasn’t Covid, I got tested. 

Sure you can use the before and after. If it helps spread the word I’m all for it. I just started 2 more people on TCD. 

Best Regards, 

David Tillman ⚓

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  1. I saw a lecture a few years ago regarding a keto diet and the doctor suggested NOT taking a daily fish oil supplement because the omega-3 stays in the blood stream for 3 days. He recommended taking it 2-3 X week.

    I am reading Dr. Will Clower’s “The French Don’t Diet Plan”. Clower is a neuroscientist who spent a few years in France (Lyon) and noticed how he was losing weight eating all the things the Western “experts” tell you not to eat. But that is not all he noticed. He noticed the French’s attitude toward their meals and the respect for food. They take 2 hour lunch breaks. The drink wine or beer with their meal…sipping it and in small quantity. Their meals are more sampler than the huge meal you get in a diner here in the U.S. They eat late meals (restaurants often do not open for dinner until 8 PM), drink when thirsty (Water bottles are not a thing over there); they commute by foot or bike when possible. They take 5 weeks of vacation per year. It’s a real life style difference.

    One of the things that troubles me about adding grains back into my diet is the quality of the product. Clower writes that most of the things we put in our food do not go into the French foods. At the time the book was written (2008-2010) there was no “organic” or “GMO” foods. It’s just “food” and a loaf of fresh bread has no more than 4 ingredients to it. Even the Walmart croissant Dave enjoys has too many ingredients in it and the flour may be from genetically altered wheat. Even the imported Italian pasta I’ve considered buying raises concerns as do I really know if the wheat is local to the region it is grown or if the manufacturer sends GMO seeds to their growers to produce the product.

    He does have some recipes in the book but it is so dated that I wouldn’t use some of the ingredients (vegetable oils, namely).

    I’m glad Dave’s making improvements and he looks good (and I hate him for it… 😁) I haven’t seen it yet in myself…not in the mirror or on the scale though I feel my pants and underwear seem looser around the waist. My weight is up 4 lbs. My BP has been an issue the past 4 years. Most recent was 133/78 (Hematologist’s) and 141/72 (Infusion center — I get phlebotomies on occasion for hemachromatosis). I do use niacinamide which helps.

    Glucose remains elevated. The last time it was below 99 was a year ago when it was 97…and I’ve gone in and out of LCHF and Carnivore. It’s been between 107-118.

    1. Rick,

      All very good points. I feel sure that Wallmart brand croissants have GMO flour. I’d like to find a non GMO croissant, maybe from Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods. Wheat doesn’t seem to give me any issues though, and usually the only wheat I get in a day is the one croissant I have at breakfast.

      I was a little concerned about the fish oil because of the added Polyunsaturated fat, but as Brad points out fish oil reduces SCD1, and is good for the brain and cell membranes. I figure I could use that added assurance.

      I track everything I eat and enter it into Chronometer. So I know how much saturated fat I’m taking in, how many calories, and micro nutrients. This helps keep me on track.

      Best of luck to you!

      1. So other than the spinach in your smoothies, you don’t eat any non-starchy vegetables with your meals?

        1. This is the nutritional plan I’ve come to. Now at dinner my wife cooks with vegetables, squash, carrots, more spinach, onions etc. In the summer we eat lots of veggies from our garden, tomatoes, Oscar, eggplant, zucchini, cucumber. But as a rule right now I eat what I listed most days.

      2. You’re 53…just a baby (I’m 56). A friend of mine is a nutritionist and he says he is seeing changes even if I am not. He says I look leaner. We’ll see. I have to watch beef though due to the iron content.

      3. I picked up croissants at Walmart yesterday and made a sandwich per your fixings with two additions: I added some smoked ham and I made a honey-mustard dressing with 1 TBS each of honey, mustard and sour cream (no heavy cream) which worked out well. I had been using MCT oil for a while but it upsets my stomach.

        I bought a half gallon of ice cream for the first time in maybe 30 years. Following Dr. Clower’s recommendations I wait 15 minutes after my dinner meal and if still hungry then I have a portion size for dessert. We’ll see how that goes.

        What is your weight training schedule like if you don’t mind sharing?

    2. I generally don’t eat wheat, because my body doesn’t like it, and I get agita when I eat croissants – although I have been eaten a few since I read this site a week ago. I use GMO free rice flour to make baked goods or pancakes sometimes, but generally I just use extremely high quality and expensive white rice from Japan as my main starch – or potatoes.

      I don’t see that this diet has to necessarily use croissants. But if you live in or near a big city like I do, there’s a trend afoot to use high quality sourdough grains for baked goods. I see sourdough croissants made using Farmer Ground Flour in a lot of New York City bakeries these days. You could probably find something similar. Personally I would never eat any industrially produced food and haven’t for many years.

      I primarily follow the Perfect Health Diet way of eating, and after reading Fire in a Bottle, I’ve continued eating pretty much the same way but just eliminated pork, chicken and olive oil (and occasional snacking on olive or avocado oil potato chips). I had lost a lot of weight eating that way but gradually it crept back. I’m interested to see how it will work out.

      1. Haha! Amazing. Until the pandemic I played basketball with the founder of Farmer Ground Flour every Tuesday. He’s one of my best friends. The mill is right down the road. Small world.

      2. Yeah croissants are def not required but they do hold a decent amount of saturated fat. I just went with it and I like them. I do put everything I eat into Chronometer and ensure that I hit at least 100% on all my macronutrients from the food I eat. It’s amazing how off you can be when you are deficient in something. I’m gonna search for a better croissant but the ones I’m using from Wallmart have worked for me.

        Best of luck to you!


      3. Peter,

        You are right croissants are not required. I started with them and like them, plus they do hold a good amount of saturated fat.

        I record everything I eat in Chronometer, this helps me make sure I hit my targets. I get at least 100% of all my micronutrients from the food I eat, except for vit D which I supplement.

        I’m gonna search for a better croissant, than the ones I get from Wallmart, but they have worked for me so far.

        Best of luck to you!


      4. I’ve been following the PHD, too, but some of the Asian recipes they call for require Oyster Sauce and/or Hoisin Sauce but they’re loaded with sugar.

        1. They actually don’t call for any specific recipes. Do what suits you best. I have adapted hundreds of recipes to the PHD way of eating. You can eat for years without needing to encounter oyster or hoisin sauce. Huge numbers of dishes from many cuisines easily lend themselves to PHD way of living.

          But if you do want to use oyster sauce I highly recommend Megachef brand oyster sauce – no msg and minimal sugar. You can buy it in the US from Mala Market.https://themalamarket.com/collections/regional-chinese-sauces-pickles/products/megachef-oyster-sauce-hao-you

          Hoisin sauce is a little trickier. Commercial ones are pretty bad, but there’s probably an artisanal one out there somewhere. Or you could make your own using fermented black beans.

          1. Thanks. I’ve seen quite a few recipes on their site, written by Dr. Jaminet himself which call for those packaged sauces and sugar is the first ingredient. I’ve found a simple duck sauce recipe (Apricot jam + Vinegar) but the oyster sauce is too complicated and expensive!

      5. Rice (w/ butter) is my go to starch for this diet, do you have a rec for your Japanese rice? I use a type of J rice as well but have no idea of it’s quality.

        1. My recommendations may be too specific, but if you live near a good Japanese market, there are a couple of brands of Koshihikari rice grown in Niigata that I like that run around $20/bag. Koshihikari grown in the US is not as good. There is also a company called The Rice Factory that imports temperature-controlled, unmilled rice and mills it at the time of order, which keeps it much fresher. I usually pay around $17-$20 for 5 lbs from The Rice Factory.

          However, not to be dismissive in any way, but if you are eating rice with butter, it might not make as much difference, at least not in taste/texture. Rice on its own is sweet and delicious – I eat it alongside fatty foods but don’t generally mix the anything into the rice except when eating say, Japanese curry or risotto.

        1. Zach,

          Yes I put the powder in my smoothie. It’s a little gritty but not bad. I’ve found the trick is the frozen fresh baby spinach. You can pack a lot more in a smoothie because it crunches up. Being cold it makes the spinach have almost no taste. Then just a tiny bit of The OJ, and the unsweetened cranberry juice for iodine. You won’t find iodine on the label but cranberries are one of the best non ocean sources of iodine.


  2. David,

    Fascinating! What was your diet like before this? Do you have a guess how many grams PUFA you were consuming daily?

    Also, did you add the pure SA right away? Do you have any guess as to whether your results were driven more by the PUFA subtraction or the SA addition?


    1. Aaron,

      I was eating 25-35 grams of Pufa daily looking at some old entries in another nutrition app I was using before TCD. I did not add Stearic acid right away. What I remembered from Brad’s mouse study article was that above something like 8% of PUFA calories was the magic number to make mice fat. I was eating 9-10% of total calories from PUFA without even thinking about it. The crazy part was I thought I had a healthy diet. It’s no wonder I struggled to get leaner before.

      The main thing I did at first was get religious about eliminating PUFA and got it to where I stayed under 10 grams a day, many days around 6-7 grams total. Lets assume for argument sake I’m eating 10 grams a day, that’s 90 calories. I’m eating 2800 calories on average daily now, and quite a bit more at first. So I’m around 3% of calories from PUFA now. The other thing I did was up my saturated fat intake by a lot. Started eating butter on everything, heavy cream, bought higher fat ground beef, and fattier steaks etc. And of course the cheese and croissants. This is what got me rolling. I just recently bought some 34″ waist pants and they are too big. I now need 32″ pants. I haven’t been in 32’s since my mid-late 20’s.

      I added the stearic acid later, maybe after the first 6 weeks to see if I could push things a bit more. While my weight loss had slowed from the initial month, it was still going down and I was getting leaner. The Stearic acid seemed to augment this leanness, my bodyfat is still dropping and my weight a little too. I really don’t care so much about weight now, just getting a little leaner, the stearic acid is definitely helping with this. I think the Pu-erh tea is helping too. I weighed 221.8 lbs this morning, and was at 15.7% bodyfat, my lowest and leanest so far.

      Anyway this may have been more info than you asked for. I’m just really pumped about the results and cant help it sometimes. Hopefully in the future I can afford to get some Fire Brand meat, I do miss bacon, and pork in general.

      Best of luck!


      1. Thanks, man. No detail is too much. This is fascinating. I feel in a similar boat. I exercise a lot, bf probably ~23% and keto/IF not really moving that.

        Sorry for all the question, but did you see your weight/bf drop immediately? Was there an uptick and then down? My expectation is that if I eat bread with butter, ice cream, and cheeseburgers I am not going to wake up lighter than the morning before? Do you your day-by-day weight readings concurrent with when you started those 4875kcal days? Was there a day when you switched over pretty discretely?

        I eat a meat-forward keto right now, but trying to chronometer everything, I am probably ~20g PUFA because of eggs/pork. Also the lack of carbs tends to make me feel flat during workouts, so some starch sounds great. If I could get to a low-effort 12-15% bf that is the holy grail for me.

        1. Aaron,
          I’ve done keto in the past and had some pretty good success with it. One thing I do know about Keto is that most guys drop-5-10 lbs in the first week to 10 days. This weight is water. Every gram of carbohydrate in your body is stored with 3 grams of water attached to it for transport etc. When you stop eating carbs you burn basically all the glucose and a good bit of glycogen in you liver out of your body and your body release the water it doesn’t need. I remember peeing all the time the first week on Keto, Ha! I said all that to say I do think if you are on Keto, you should expect to gain a few lbs when the carbs are reintroduced. Just keep in mind the weight you gain would be mostly water.
          Before I first started I was eating carbs, protein, and fat, at roughly 1/3rd of calories each. I was also not actively watching PUFA in any way. I didn’t calculate any macro ratio other than maintaining 175+ grams protein a day, when I started TCD, just tried to eliminate PUFA, and up my saturated fat a lot. I started losing roughly 1 pound a day right away. In the first 3.5 weeks I lost 16lbs, at some point it slowed to 0.5 lbs a day and now I’m losing roughly 2 lbs a week.
          I have noticed that if I deviate from my plan now I can gain a little. Went to a birthday party and ate a few or four pork egg rolls, def cooked in veg oil, and a decent slice of birthday cake with frosting, sure there was PUFA in that too. Next day I was up close to a pound. I just ate my plan the following day and it came right back off and then some. Basically anytime my PUFA creeps up weight loss stalls or goes up. It makes sense too because I have a good amount of saturated fat circulating in my system from all of my other meals. Through some PUFA into that mix and signal the fat cells to start storing, it’s not a good plan.

          All the Best,


        2. Aaron,
          I also intermittent fast on the weekend. Usually on Saturday I will drink Pu-erh tea with nothing in it a couple times during the day, then around 4-5:00 pm I eat a 17-18 oz Ribeye, a big baked potato with butter, cream cheese, salt and pepper, and sometimes have my stearic acid doped spinach smoothie with this meal. Then roughly 3-4 hours later 30 grams of whey protein with a pint of Haagen Daz. I usually repeat this on Sunday but sometimes I eat normally. I always drop weight after IF, and maybe a tenth of a point of bodyfat.


          1. David,

            Are you on Twitter or Reddit? Anywhere we can follow you to get more updates and further discussions?

            Thanks again,

        3. Arron,

          Not on Twitter or Redit. I’m on Instagram @turf_terminator but it’s really just an Instagram about my lawn. Yeah crazy I know.


  3. Nice post David. Thanks for all the info. Let me ask you something, have you been measuring your body temperature in an effort to find out if your metabolism has been increased after starting this diet?

    1. Felipe,

      Great idea! No i have not been measuring my temp, but I will say I am too hot at night to sleep with the covers on, so I def think there is some thermogenesis going on. I’ll start checking periodically my wake up temp, and my going to bed temp and see if I notice any trends as it relates to what I ate in a day.

      Best Regards,


  4. Doesn’t dietary MUFA downregulate SCD1 as well?
    So couldn’t we replace some of the butter with oilve oil?
    I do recall some question about French cuisine on a post here.
    I wonder if we consume only saturated fat, aren’t we going to upregulate SCD1?

    1. This sounds like a question for Brad. He has a post about MUFA, and I believe if memory serves that the consensus on olive oil was if trying to lose fat in a mixed diet it was to be avoided. When you consume animal fat sources you are getting a mixture of MUFA and Saturated fat. My MUFA levels are pretty high upwards of 40-50 grams a day from the food I eat, but there isn’t any olive oil in my diet.

      Best Regards,


  5. Hey David,
    Just curious, do you drink coffee at all? Just trying to figure out how coffee fits into the equation. Seems like there are so many opposing views on caffeine with weight loss, insulin resistance, etc. Just interested to know if some of your rapid success is due to lack of caffeine consumption? You look great, keep up the great work and thanks for sharing your story!!

    1. Shannon,

      Thank you. I have a cup occasionally, but I do drink diet soda with caffeine. Yea I hear it’s not good but you gotta live. I have 3-4 cans most days. Sometimes more. I don’t track it in cronometer. It has zero calories. I’ve seen no effect on blood sugar. So short answer I’m not avoiding caffein.

      Best Regards


      1. This is interesting. I see the orange juice in the diet and I am really curious if regular pop/soda would be fine in your diet. As long as there wasn’t brominated vegetable oil in the soda. Thoughts?

  6. David and Brad – my wife is finding the texture of Stearic Acid enhanced butter difficult. The after consumed experience is a kind of waxy film. Are there any thoughts on replacing the stearic acid with Cacao Butter? — Steve

    1. Hi!

      Yes, it’s a bit waxy… One thing you can do is just melt it and add a little more butter or a little MCT oil to make it less waxy. Cocoa butter is good. It tastes weird in some things, IMO.


    2. Steve,

      I have it on baked potatoes or in mashed potatoes, that have butter and cream cheese added as well. I think mixing it with a little butter and melted into something removes most of that waxy feel you are talking about.


      1. Just a quick share on progress since the post. I’ve dropped a few more pounds, 220.4 this morning, and body fat is down 15.7%. I bought the 32 pants and even they are a bit loose!!!

        Best of luck,


      2. Thank you David – Like a lot of folks here I have not sat in the same room with a potato or bread much less consumed either in a long time. My two freezers are stuffed with various cuts of meat (mostly beef). We use our Sous Vide almost everyday since learning its magic with meat.

        What a switch – over the last 24 hours we’ve worked out a really simple bread recipe that just flour, yeast and water. It soaks up butter like a sponge. Going to see how it turns out with adding butter directly to the recipe.

        We have had a knock down drag out fight with carbs for years so this is a bit scary…


        1. Steve,

          Take a deep breath, keep in mind a little water weight could be possible since you are def carb depleted. I am hopeful and feel you will be pleasantly surprised. Either way please post.

          Best of luck and enjoy!


    1. Mark,

      I have a good amount, prob 200 mg + a day, from diet soda. I don’t record the diet soda I drink though.

      All the best,


  7. This is interesting. I see the orange juice in the diet and I am really curious if regular pop/soda would be fine in your diet. As long as there wasn’t brominated vegetable oil in the soda. Thoughts?

    1. Chance,

      I drink a total of 6 oz of OJ a day in two divided doses, 3oz ea and I am drinking it for the fructose to stimulate the liver. A tiny amount of fructose can do this. I do eat a pint of Haagen Dazs at least 3 nights a week lol. Keep in mind results may vary. My insulin response is very good, it’s rare for my blood sugar to be elevated much above 100 +/- 10, 2 hours after a pint of Haagen Dazs. I also track my calories, macro’s, and micro’s religiously so I know how much I’m eating. I don’t know what a regular soda would do, you might be able to get away with a couple a day as long as your stearic acid levels were high, and your PUFA was kept very low. I’m certain a couple cans of regular soda will have a lot more sugar than the 6 oz of OJ I’m having, but there is a lot of sugar in the Haagen Dazs I eat a few times a week.

      Best of Luck,


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