Lori’s Story

Lori reached out to me wanting to share her story. She initially sent me this email:

First of all, thank you!
I’ve been doing TCD since your first post.
I’m a 63 year old female who is kind of dietary lazy.
I didn’t count macros or calories or anything else.

For about a year, I had one rule.
No eating from your “Don’t eat” list.

I’ve been doing intermittent fasting (No food until 4) for years.
I didn’t change my fasting or workout routines.
Only avoided the No Eat foods on your list.

I had bloodwork and a dexa scan in November.
I attached the results, plus a photo of me.

Butter, wine, beef, cheese and chocolate.
I’m not changing a thing.
Thanks again Brad!
You and croissants rock!

I pressed her for more details about her diet and weight history and she provided this info. Pretty inspiring!

Here’s my story.

I like physical competition.
In my 50s, I participated in marathons and ultra marathons.
In my 60’s, I switched to Powerlifting and competitive stair climbing.
I have State records for powerlifting.
I love stair climbing and have placed #1 in many national events.

When I participate in powerlifting, I need to be 123-132 lbs.
For stair climbs, the lighter the better, preferably around 123 lbs.

Despite my competitive nature, I am dietary lazy.
I ’m 63 years old. I’ve been a raw vegan. I’ve been a carnivore. I struggled with cravings that I tried to overcome to maintain my weight. Many failures over 20 years. I needed to figure out a way to eat and still compete in the sports I enjoy.

I’m so grateful I stumbled upon TCD last December.

Nowadays, I add butter to my rice and pasta. Roast vegetables in beef tallow. I drink a nice dry Cabernet with dinner. Dessert will be chocolate or a berry caflouti from the French bakery in town.

I’m strong and effortlessly maintain a competition weight of 125-130 lbs.
My bloodwork is good. My waist is smaller than it’s been since, who the heck knows.
If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,
I’ll be back with an update in 3 years, on my 65th birthday!

5 thoughts on “Lori’s Story”

  1. Nice Job! My sister is the same age. She smokes (since age 14), sedentary, poor diet, COPD, partially blocked carotid artery. It’s sad to see how two people who grew up at the same time can have separate results and outlooks on life.

  2. Lori eats flour right?
    Basically the go to food list is most calories from fat and always high in sat fat and low in unsaturated fats right?
    I’d love to know the composition of her red blood cell walls.

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