Really Good Historical Video About The History of SCD1 research Posted at r/SaturatedFat

This was posted by a user of the reddit group r/SaturatedFat. This is a great forum for discussing issues relevant to Fire In A Bottle, Hyperlipid, SCD1, etc. This post is particularly interesting – Dr. Ntambi did much of the early research on SCD1. You can hear his thoughts and findings about it at the time. It’s also interesting since some of the biases of the researchers are revealed in the intro and during the speech. You can see my comments about this in the Reddit discussion thread.

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  1. Hi Brad,

    Didn’t see a way to ask you a general question, so I’m throwing down here in the comments of an unrelated blog. Wanted to ask about substitutes for things like olive oil that you recommend taking out of our diet if we want to follow your research. I like French cuisine very much too. In fact, I could very easily live on steak frites, salade verte, and red wine, if you throw in some oysters, liver pate, leeks, and white wine. (Giving up a classic bistro roast chicken would be hard, though.)

    Anyway, on this regime, assuming I start doing my frites in tallow, it still leaves me with the salade verte. A classic vinaigrette relies on olive oil and mustard, which probably includes some sort of oil. They eat this once or twice a day. Did you give up vinaigrette? If not, any suggestions on replacing the oil? (Also, the French do love mayonnaise, which is out according to TCD.) Also, thoughts on cheese—another daily French staple?

    Finally, friends who have lived in France with French families also told me one interesting piece of dietary information. By and large, the French eat very small dinners. We may not see this when we visit, as we go to eat. But during the week at least, I’m told, the main meal of the day is lunch, and dinner is often small, perhaps a bowl of soup, a salad, a glass of wine, and a piece of cheese. Not sure how that might factor in, but I can say that I do enjoy a light dinner most of the time as well as the feeling of hunger when I wake up the next morning.

    I haven’t tried TCD yet, because I’m too much of a gourmand. And we don’t have great croissants out here. I make sourdough, and perhaps slathering it with butter

    Thanks in advance for any response, as I’d love to hear your thoughts. Bravo for your enterprising work and the approachable, down-to-earth way you present it.

    1. I don’t know if this would work for you,but I make cream based salads. One example is to work a good blue cheese into sour cream and then use heavy cream to get it drizzly. For a spicy version you can use the adobo sauce from a can of chipotles en adobo. Taco seasoning mix and ranch dressing mix also work for this.

      If you HAVE to use an oil based dressing, real Macadamia nut oil is the lowest in PUFA, although someone told me theirs is a pure liquid in the fridge which surprises me. I’d think an almost pure MUFA would be a solid in the fridge, so I’m concerned with adulteration. We sent the sample in to test, we should know in a couple weeks.


    2. ‘the French eat very small dinners‘… having lived in France (Grenoble and Paris) Yes to small dinner, larfe slow lunches and coffee and yogurt or bread 🥖 for breakfast 🌸🥖🌸

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