Seed Oil and Fryer Oil Reality Video. D6D.

I made this video about the realities of seed oils and fryer oils. This started as a reaction video to Are Seed Oils Inflammatory by Gil Carvalho, MD PhD on his Nutrition Made Simple channel.

I think it evolved into a pretty interesting discussion on the seed oil topic. Perhaps I’m biased.

The main parts of the video are:

  • I discuss the difference in philosophy between seed oil supporters (such as Gil) and detractors (such as myself)
  • I point out some specific flaws in a few of the papers he cites
  • I do a deep dive on a VERY interesting paper connecting the genetics of the delta 6 desaturase (D6D) enzyme with dietary intake of linoleic acid. I’ve talked about D6D in Accumulating Linoleic Acid Prevents Diabetes.
  • In the final part I discuss the realities of fryer oil. How often do restaurants change the oil? What hapeens to it over time? What are the biological effects?

I poke some light hearted fun at Gil, I hope he’s not too offended. I don’t think he’s a bad guy, we just disagree.

I think this video is a good one, buckle up!

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  1. I feel like I just want to eat nothing but fruit going forward so to avoid all the food that may be have been touched by any oils.😶

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