Brad Talks ROS Theory of Obesity, Torpor and Reductive Stress with Kevin Stock

Kevin and I had a great convo about all things FIAB. This is a great preview of topics on this blog.

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2 thoughts on “Brad Talks ROS Theory of Obesity, Torpor and Reductive Stress with Kevin Stock”

  1. This was a great disucssion. I really liked how informed Kevin was on this topic such that he was able to ask you good questions that faciliated an interesting and informative back and forth.

    I noted in this that there was a greater emphasis on the possible negative effects of the large MUFA content in animal fats than I’ve gleaned from past readings of your blog/podcasts where you were interiewed. Based on this, do you reckon that a possible way out of a torpid state (with a possible carnivorous inclinication, since that’s what Kevin practices) that is nutritionally replete might be to opt for very lean meats and supplement that meat with saturated fat (a la butter, coconut oil, and/or some stearic acid enhancement)? Or, given that starch based cultures have the highest metabolic rates, do you think it might be most prudent to try and knockout SCD1 (with something like sterculia oil) and opting for a very low fat diet (say, fat free dairy products if you are trying to get nutrients sans animal fat)?

    Looking forward to more discussions like this one Brad!

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