“The Fat Pigs”, FIAB Podcast, Episode 2!

Fire In A Bottle, The Podcast episode 2 is out! In this episode I focus on the paper referenced in my post about Ossabaw pigs moving from pathological insulin sensitivity to torpor. I also reference my post about linoleic acid accumulation predicting low diabetes risk.

Lastly, I talk about the EPIC Potsdam study that predicts risks of diabetes based on levels of specific fats in membrane phospholipids. You can compare your numbers to the EPIC study if you get the OmegaQuant complete test. If you use the promo code “FIRE”, you’ll get 10% off the OmegaQuant test!

Enjoy the episdoe!

2 thoughts on ““The Fat Pigs”, FIAB Podcast, Episode 2!”

  1. Thank you for this – it was a great explainer for the “hysteresis” behind the linoleic acid-predicts-low-diabetes observation, and how it’s dangerous to assume what you see in the blood or body fat composition matches what you’re eating exactly. High MUFA/low PUFA doesn’t get there by eating a low-PUFA diet.

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